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2018-19 SAT and ACT test dates



Registration Deadline




Registration Deadline


October 6

September 7    



September 8

August 3


November 3

October 5        



October 27

September 21


December 1

November 2    



December 8

November 2


March 9

February 8        



February 9

January 4


May 4

April 5               



April 13

March 8


June 1

May 3              



June 8

May 3



July 13

June 14

General Info

There are two options for college admission testing, the SAT and the ACT.  While most people tend to be more familiar with the SAT, both tests are viewed equally by colleges and universities.  To determine which test may be best for you, we recommend taking a practice test or two that can help you make a decision.  Wilson offers the PSAT every October for 10th and 11th graders and the PSAT 9 for freshmen in February.  A practice ACT is typically offered in January.    


When should you take your admissions tests?  Generally, we recommend taking the official test during the spring of junior year.  This gives you more time in classes that will expose you to content that will be on the test.  While you can always test earlier, especially if you are taking prep classes, the deadline will be November of your senior year  - while many schools will also take December scores, you are safer getting it done by November.

The Role of Testing in College Admissions

Most four-year colleges consider applicants’ scores on college admission tests when deciding whom to accept. Test scores are just one part of your college application. College admission officers give the most weight and importance to your high school grades and whether you’re challenging yourself.


What Are College Admission Tests?

You may know college admission tests by name — the SAT, ACT and the SAT Subject Tests. These tests, also called college entrance exams, are designed to measure students’ skills and help colleges evaluate how ready students are for college-level work.


How Do Colleges Use Test Scores?

Admission tests apply a common standard to everyone. This helps colleges evaluate and compare the preparation of students who go to different high schools. All schools do not offer the same academic programs, learning environments or even expectations. Colleges look at your test scores, along with your high school grades and courses, to see how well prepared you are for college-level work.


How Important Are Scores to Colleges?

The importance of test scores in the admission process varies from college to college and depends on an institution’s admission approach and policies. Each college has its own policy. Some colleges, including more-selective colleges, may place a high level of importance on test scores — within the context of the other parts of your application. Other colleges, including many community colleges, may not require a test or use your scores at all. If you have questions about how a particular college uses test scores, check its admission website or contact the admission office.

Access your PSAT scores!

Students should review their PSAT scores online once they receive the notification from CollegeBoard.  Generall, scores are available online in mid-December.  Paper reports will be available in January.  Click on the "Your PSAT/NMSQT Scores Are Ready" icon below to sign in.  

  • Students click SIGN IN or SIGN UP depending on whether or not they already have a College Board account.  This is the same account used to access AP and SAT scores or register online for the SAT.
  • Important Note:  If a student does not see his/her PSAT score report after logging in, they should click the “Add Scores” button.  At this point the student MAY be prompted to enter their PSAT access code.  The student access codes are available in the Guidance Office and will be printed on the front of the hard copy score report.
  • Want to print out a sample PSAT report to understand it better?  Click Here for the Sample Report!psat.jpg

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are available in the Guidance Office for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Complete the fee waiver application and return to Guidance.  Return in two days (if you are not called out) to pick up your waiver code.  Limit: 2 waivers per test per student.

Khan Academy & SAT

Take these steps to link your College Board and Khan Academy® accounts: Sign up. Link up. Get practicing. Visit This takes you to Khan Academy, where you should log in or create an account. Next, link your accounts - when prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and CollegeBoard accounts. Finally, send your test results at CollegeBoard, sign in or create an account and hit “Send” to send your test results to Khan Academy.

sat fb-share.png

Understanding your PSAT Scores


Ready to Register?

Register for the SAT or ACT online!


Understanding the test

Understanding a test is the first step to doing your best.  There are many resources to help you with this but nothing is better than going to the source.

Inside the SAT             Inside the ACT

Handouts and Presentation

Looking for a quick reference on the test format and scoring?  Our friends at Kaplan have a comprehensive handout that can help.  For more details, view the powerpoint they shared with parents earlier this year.

ACT Quick Reference

SAT Quick Reference