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California State University (CSU)

Important information for the CSU Application

Seniors: Thank you so much for participating in this year's Senior CSU Application days!  We hope you were able to make significant progress towards completing your CSU application.  As there is never enough time, here are some important reminders for your reference as you work to complete your application:


1. Be sure you are completing the application for FALL 2018

2. Wilson uses a semester grading system, two grades per year.

3. Enter in only your A-G classes; these were the classes listed on your CSU Eligibility Report we gave you as well as those classes marked with a "p" on your transcript.

4. As you start typing your class title, the course should appear on the drop down menu; if not continue typing as it appears on your report.

5. Under course type, keep as "None" unless the class is an AP or IB course; the ONLY classes you should list with a Course Type of Honors would be the following: Precal H, Spanish 3H, Chinese 3H, and US History H.

6. Summer school class MUST be entered twice if you earned the full 10 credits (for example, if your transcript shows U.S. History for 10 credits with a grade of B you would have two entries in summer with a grade of B).  Summer classes are listed with the grade level after that summer with the exception of the summer before 12th grade; list summer before 12th grade along with your 11th grade classes.

7. You MUST enter your 12th grade A-G classes; list first semester as "In Progress" and second semester as "Planned".

8. After entering all classes, review the A-G Matching section; ensure all of your classes are listed - you will need to click the update A-G course button to be sure all courses were assigned and A-G area, if it is blank you need to fill it in correctly.

9. When entering test scores, list all SAT or ACT tests - CSU will mix and match to support you best!  After you enter one score, scroll all the way down to enter another test score.  If you have a test planned, indicate that but no need to wait for scores to come in before you submit.  After you receive your scores you can come back and update that part only. 

10.  Please see your counselor if you have any questions or need clarification!  Once you submit YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANYTHING!  If mistakes are made, you will need to contact each campus applied to and follow their directions.

California State University

The CSU is a leader in high-quality, accessible, student-focused higher education. With 23 campuses, almost 447,000 students, and 45,000 faculty and staff, they are the largest, the most diverse, and one of the most affordable university systems in the country.

Admission Programs and Related Information

Admission/Cal State Apply
A free online resource to help students and their families learn about the CSU system, select a CSU campus, plan to finance higher education, review fees and cost of attendance, and apply for admission.
Admission Requirements
Undergraduate admission requirements, including freshman and transfer information, for the 23 CSU campuses. 
Application Filing Status Report
A real-time reference for applicants to determine which CSU campuses accept applications after the initial filing period. 

Financial Aid 

Information on financial aid resources available to students at the CSU. Also included is the average cost of attendance by CSU campus and information on fees and non-resident tuition (tuition is not charged to California residents).

How to Get to College Guide 
These guides, for middle and high school students and their families, help students chart a path to college.
Impaction Information 
Click here to get the lastest information on Impacted Campuses and Programs.

CSU Eligibility Index

Calculate Your CSU Eligibility Index

Once you calculate your grade point average, you can use this formula to see if your grade point average and test scores meet the minimum required eligibility index.  California residents must have a minimum eligibility index of 2900 using SAT scores or 694 using ACT scores.

**Neither ACT nor SAT writing scores are included in the calculation of the CSU Eligibility Index.)**

Using SAT Scores (not with writing):

Your GPA  x 800 + Your SAT Total = Your Index 


Using ACT Scores (not with writing):

Your GPA x 200 + (10 x ACT Comp) = Your Index

Updated CSU Eligibility Index 

Major Selection @ CSU

All CSU campuses admit student's according to major.  Each major at each campus will have a different Eligibility Index required for admission.  A good rule of thumb is to apply for the major that you are most interested in, but choose an alternate major that is not impacted (if possible).  Keep in mind that Cal Poly Pomona, our local CSU, will look at intended major ONLY.

Search of CSU System by majors

List of CSU Impacted Majors - PDF

CSU Impacted Majors Search


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