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Special Admit Program Concurrent Enrollment

Special Admit Program (Concurrent Enrollment) is open to high school students who would benefit from taking advanced scholastic or vocational work in college.  In order to be considered for a Special Admit program, a student must have at least a 3.0 high school grade point average, satisfactory attendance and demonstrate the ability to balance high school and college course work.  All Special Admit enrollments must be approved by the principal.

Special admit is for enrichment purposes only.  Completion of Special Admit courses will not be factored into the high school GPA, credits or be used to advance in existing high school pathways.  Students will receive community college credit upon completion of the course.  Additionally, a student will not be able to take a Special Admit course if a comparable or equivalent course exists at Wilson High School.

Below you will find links to Special Admit and Concurrent Enrollment programs at local community colleges.