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Special Education



The Special Education Department is designed to provide special needs students, grades 9-12, with a well rounded, comprehensive academic program aligned with current content standards.  Each student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) containing goals and objectives specifically designed towards achieving success in the student’s academic and social functioning.  It is the goal of the department to mainstream students, placing them in the least restrictive environment whenever appropriate. Our Department is comprised of five teachers and eight para-professionals. The Department Chair is John Brooks who holds the position of Special Ed Advisor.

Getting to know the Dept.

The Special Ed Department currently offers three different models of special ed services at Wilson High School. The first is for the SDC (SH) student that is found in Mr. Dial’s and Mr. Paik’s class. This class has the prefix “Functional.” This class does not meet A-G requirements; does not meet graduation requirements; leads to a “Letter of Recommendation” to transition. These students are working toward CAPA standards, using State approved curriculum. This student typically continues their education within the District at Willow Adult School or until the age of twenty-two. The prefix “Standard” meets the needs of either the SDC or RSP student found in Laura Siefken’s, David Hapenney’s or Vern Bro Dan’s class. This type of class is not mainstreamed, but taught within the special ed environment. These students use a combination of both core and supplemental curriculum, aligned to State standards. This class does not meet the needs of A-G requirement, meets graduation requirements, and leads to a Diploma. The final group can be found in the “Team” classes. This meets the A-G requirements and leads to a Diploma. This class is in the general ed environment taught by both a general ed and special ed teacher. This class is set up primarily for the RSP or higher functioning SDC student who needs additional support. This is a fully mainstreamed class, using the curriculum and standards put in place by the State of California.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

The IEP team consists of a variety of members from the school site. In addition to the parent/guardian and the student, the school site members all play a key role in tailoring the student’s development. Special-ed students are provided a counselor, just as all other students on campus. This allows for planning of classes, graduation checks, scholarship opportunities and discipline to be handled by general-ed counselors. An administrator is another member of the team that is invited to all IEP’s. They are able to answer questions regarding school policy and to add support to the team. A general-ed teacher is also invited to the IEP’s allowing for discussion for what is required to be mainstreamed. Their input allows for discussion of certain modifications and adaptations of material that may be needed to ensure success in the general-ed. In addition to the general-ed teacher being invited a special-ed teacher is also included. A special-ed teacher provides information on current levels of functioning and how the student is performing. Together as a whole, the entire group works together to attain the highest possible academic level for the student. Other service for the student, depending on the severity of the handicapping condition is available.  As an example, some students are provided transportation, counseling, and speech therapy. Special-ed aides are in all of the classrooms, allowing for more direct instruction for the students. In other instances special-ed aides are sent out into the general-ed classroom where there is a large number of special-ed students. This allows for extra help that the student might need and to keep track of the progress of the student.

Department Directory

 John Brooks (626) 934-4423 Special Education
Ashly Gonzalez (626) 934-4485 Special Education
 David Hapenney (626) 934-4549 Special Education
Laura Siefken (626) 934-4582 Special Education

Steve Gonzalez, Special Education Teacher (626) 934-4487