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Glen A. Wilson High

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Boys Basketball



The Wilson Men's Basketball Team consistently utilizes the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons to foster cohesiveness towards a shared objective. The Wildcats are unwavering proponents of preparation and dedicated effort. Our primary aim is to strengthen team unity and cohesion as we strive for success obtaining Tournament, League, and CIF Championships.

Under Coach Allen's guidance, our Wildcats are expected to maintain high standards of sportsmanship, both on and off the court. Let us persist in supporting our coaches and athletes as they pursue victory with honor. Our basketball program is comprised of committed young athletes who excel not only in athletics but also in academics. We set ambitious goals, confident that through collective effort and teamwork, every milestone is attainable.

During games, our fans serve as the invaluable sixth man, and we eagerly anticipate your spirited cheers propelling the team towards triumph. As we come together to back our Wildcats, let's remember that our top priority is the growth and well-being of our students. Let's showcase the exemplary qualities of Wilson High School—exceptional students, supportive parents, and exceptional athletes!

Head Varsity Coach
Willie Allen

Dear Parents, 

     Each athlete needs to complete a series of steps to make sure they are eligible to compete at Glen A. Wilson High School. We now have a convenient and efficient process to clear your athlete online.  This will save you time and electronically store your information to be used yearly for your athlete and for multiple sports. It is very important that you have completed the school's online clearance process at prior to your first day of athletic participation.  Every athlete needs to have a current Physical examination before they can train or compete with the team. This examination will need to be renewed each year to retain a current status and eligibility.  

     In addition to our Clearance process, each athlete needs to continue in good academic standing in order to remain eligible. Basically each student needs to maintain a 2.0 GPA and pass four classes. We are committed to helping your student reach their full academic potential during the competitive season and throughout the entire school year.



Varsity Head Basketball Coach



Willie Allen


Jason Nakano


Charles Lewis


DeJohn Brown




Daniel Arandia

Dimitri Mata