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Glen A. Wilson High

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HOSA - Future Health Professionals

2022-2023 Cabinet Members

President - Felicity Yu, 12th


Fel Selfie

Hello! My name is Felicity Yu, a current senior at Glen A Wilson. In addition to co-founding the school’s HOSA chapter, I also serve as President of both HOSA and the Voices of Wilson program. I am finishing up both the biomedical pathway and performing arts pathways this coming year as well as continuing to take part in ASB, Red Cross, and UNICEF. I have been able to have so many unique experiences through HOSA, and I am so excited to see all that the chapter will continue to accomplish this upcoming school year. Make sure you follow along on our journey, we have some amazing things in store!

Vice-President - Ellie Hung, 12th 


Hi! My name is Ellie Hung, the HOSA co-founder, Vice President, and Leadership committee chairperson.  As a senior this year, I am on track to complete both the Biomedical Science and Business Pathways at Wilson. HOSA has provided me the outlet to grow not only as a leader, but also as a  competitive team member, contributor to society, lifelong learner, and creative thinker. I am also CPR and First Aid certified, and aspire to be an optometrist or ophthalmologist in the near future. 

Secretary - Isabella Lam, 12th 



Hello my name is Isabella Lam, and I’ll be serving as this year’s secretary! I am currently in the Biomed Pathway and Glen A Wilson’s Best Buddies cabinet. HOSA has allowed me to grow as a person and learn so many things about the medical field. I love being a part of HOSA because of its supportive community, and I can’t wait to watch our chapter grow during this upcoming school year. In the future, I plan on pursuing a career in oncology or neurology! 

Treasurer - Nathan Lee, 12th 


Hi! My name is Nathan Lee a Senior at Glen A Wilson  Highschool and this year's HOSA treasurer. I currently participate in our schools robotics and tennis teams. My dream is to pursue a career in the medical field and HOSA will be a great help.  I look forward to working with the cabinet and team members to make sure that we start off our teams debut with a BANG.

Historian - Luna Liang, 10th 



Hi! My name’s Luna Liang, and I’m proudly serving as the historian of HOSA this year! Our team has many dedicated and motivated individuals, so I’m super excited to watch HOSA grow and flourish. I’ve always dreamed of pursuing a career in medicine, specifically as an ENT surgeon or a biomedical engineer, so my experience in HOSA has been very meaningful to me. Hope you’re ready to watch HOSA make some big waves!

Public Relations - Nicole Li,11th


Hi, I’m Nicole Li, a junior and is your public relations officer for this 2022-2023 term! I am also KIWIN’s Publicity Chair and an ASB member. I’m apart of two sports, water polo and swim, and I can’t wait to serve you this year! My cat's name is Pilot =)

Meet The Advisors

Mr. Han




Hello, everyone. My name is Jungsoo Han and I am one of the HOSA advisors. I teach the Biomedical Science classes, coach Science Olympiad, and am the advisor for HOSA. My favorite phrases are "Stay Strong" and "Don't Be Weak". 

Mrs. Chap

Hello, everyone. My name is Judy Chap and I am a first generation graduate. I've been teaching for 6 years. I've taught general science at middle school for 3 years and just wrapped up my 3rd year of Biology in high school. I've been advisor for HOSA for 2 years now. I'm so excited to be part of a competitive team that is committed and dedicated to learning about STEM related topics and I hope you are too!

Mr. Kane


Cultural Diversities & Disparities in Healthcare 9th Place - Emily Guo

Health Informatics 8th Place - Evelyn Huang

Health Informatics 10th Place - Kaitlyn Lo

Medical Math 3rd Place - Eric Zhu

Medical Math 4th Place - Aiden Ngo

Medical Spelling 6th Place - Taylor Tran

Veterinary Science 1st Place - Emily Chang

Veterinary Science 2nd Place - Yongxin (Helen) Zhou

Epidemiology 8th Place - Nathan Lee

Creative Problem Solving 2nd Place - Ellie Hung, Isabella Lam, Jennifer Yang

Health Career Display 2nd Place - Comet Pili and Kerrie Takesue

Medical Innovation 1st Place - Luna Liang, Josephine Tsai, Ai (Anna) Zhong, Xin Qi (Hedy) Yang

AAFP Family Medicine Career Test 3rd Place - Yongxin (Helen) Zhou

Allied Health Statistics 3rd Place - Emily Guo

Biochemistry 7th Place - Luna Liang

Human Heredity 2nd Place - Emily Chang

International Leadership Conference 2022 Results

Creative Problem Solving 9th Place - Ellie Hung, Isabella Lam, Jennifer Yang

Health Informatics 9th Place - Avery Liu

Prepared Speaking 2nd Place - Christian Matthew Santos

Veterinary Science 4th Place - Yongxin (Helen) Zhou

Veterinary Science 8th Place - Evelyn Kyan

AAFP Family Medicine Career Test 4th Place - Evelyn Kyan

Allied Health Statistics 8th Place - Avery Liu

Math for Health Professionals 2nd Place - Emma Liu

State leadership conference 2022 results

Behavioral Science 2nd Place - Gianna Tung

Creative Problem Solving 3rd Place - Ellie Hung, Isabella Lam, Jennifer Yang

Dental Science 9th Place - Samantha Din

Epidemiology 8th Place - Nathan Lee

Epidemiology 9th Place - Sandy Lin

Forensic Science 3rd Place - Randy Hernandez, Hannah Mizutani

Health Career Display 8th Place - Kelly Poon, Joanne Wu

Health Informatics 3rd Place - Avery Liu

Medical Math 7th Place - Emma Liu

Prepared Speaking 3rd Place - Christian Matthew Santos

Veterinary Science 4th Place - Yongxin (Helen) Zhou

Veterinary Science 5th Place - Evelyn Kyan

State Leadership Conference 2021 Results

Clinical Nursing 4th Place - Raina Lee

Creative Problem Solving 2nd Place - Ellie Hung, Isabella Lam, Jennifer Yang

Extemporaneous Writing 2nd Place - Felicity Yu

Health Career Display 2nd Place - Kelly Poon, Joanne Wu

Medical Terminology 5th Place - Kaitlyn Lo

Medical Reading 5th Place - Joanne Wu

International Leadership Conference 2021 Results

Creative Problem Solving 2nd Place - Ellie Hung, Isabella Lam, Jennifer Yang

Extemporaneous Writing 7th Place - Felicity Yu

Anatomy & Physiology 2nd Place - Kaitlyn Lo

Dr. Cookie Scholarship Winners





Our HOSA Scholarship committee works with the Dr. Cookie Organization to provide scholarships for High School students 9-12. Shown above are winners for the 9-11th grade scholarship and the 12th grade scholarship. 

     Join Our Committees Today!

Join our HOSA Committees and engage in community betterment, service projects, healthcare career exploration, fundraising for great causes, and making new friends and meaningful memories.

                HOSA Committees

Mental Health Committee - dedicated to supporting the well-being and mental health of others by raising awareness for disorders and committing to service projects for the betterment of our community.

Committee Chair: Isabella Lam; Committee Secretary: Avery Liu  

Veterinary Committee - all about helping dogs, cats, and other animals that we care about. We volunteer at shelters, clinics, and as dog/cat walkers.

Committee Chair: Helen Zhou; Committee Secretary: Evelyn Kyan

Leadership Committee - Dedicated to the development and support of the leaders of tomorrow. Learn to lead and lead by example.

Committee Chair: Ellie Hung; Committee Secretary: Jessica Chung 

Fundraising Committee - Dedicated to supporting meaningful causes such as Pediatric Cancer Research and Patient Support. Fundraising for our HOSA Chapter.

Committee Chair: Nathan Lee; Committee Secretary: Jeremiah Yong

Competitive Events Committee - helping to prepare our chapter members in the competitive events by providing them study materials and mentoring. Our goal is to inspire our chapter members to be all they can be and go as far as they can in the events they enjoy.

Committee Chair: Luna Liang; Vice Chair: Esther Lee, Committee Secretary: Sabrina Lin; Committee Treasurer: Hedy Yang; Committee Historian: Josephine Tsai  

Scholarship/Grant - Dedicated to providing scholarships to students in our District as well as learning the grant writing and fundraising process.

Committee Chair: Jennifer Yang; Committee Secretary: Sandy Lin

Cancer Awareness Committee - our committee is dedicated to learning about cancer, cancer prevention, spreading community awareness, volunteering, and service projects.

Committee Chair: Kaitlyn Lo; Committee Secretary: Kailyne Zaarour

   HOSA Committee Activites

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HOSA Website

HOSA Website

What is HOSA?

HOSA is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA's goal is to encourage all health science instructors and students to join and be actively involved in the HSE-HOSA Partnership.

How To Join Our Team

Please contact one of the advisors below for more information if you are interested in joining the Glen A. Wilson High School HOSA Team.  

Judy Chap (626) 934-4528 Science
Jungsoo Han (626) 934-4529 Science
Sean Kane (626) 934-4530 Science