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Community College

The California Community Colleges system consists of over 100 colleges, with a large number of additional campus centers and classrooms throughout the state. The colleges are spread over a wide range of geography, from mountains to coasts, and rural regions to big cities. Each college offers a diverse array of educational programs, with specializations that reflect the unique character of the local region.

A broad range of student goals can be met by the California Community Colleges, from personal growth to professional training, from associate degree to university transfer. There are many student services to help you choose your path and stay on it, including academic counseling, financial aid, tutoring, child care, and much more.

Most of the colleges also offer alternative modes of taking classes, such as online courses, "distance education" by radio and video, off-campus classes in facilities like high schools and shopping malls, and some even offer opportunities to study abroad in another country. Costs are very low compared to other higher-education options, and admission is open to all who can benefit.

Please visit the following information pages to learn more about the California Community Colleges and what they offer:



The California Community Colleges have centralized their enrollment procedure by having all applications begin at one point.  Create your account to apply at CCCApply.  You can also search the home page of the California Community College system at Chancellor's Office website.  From this site you can search for information on any of the 100+ colleges available to you!


mt sac Application workshop March 5

If you are planning to attend MSAC in the fall and have not yet completed a MSAC application, please sign up for the MSAC Application Workshop to be held on March 5th at 1pm in Room A1a

If you changed your mind and/or do not plan to attend a Cal State or UC and want to attend MSAC, please sign up for the MSAC Application Workshop.

               Sign up Here

CA Promise Program

Did you know that many California high school graduates can get their first year of community college tuition free!  That's right, Assembly Bill 19 could waive fees for one academic year for first-time students who are enrolled in 12 or more semester units or the equivalent at the college and complete and submit either a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or a California Dream Act application.  Each community college may have different requirements so be sure to follow up!

Seniors: Thank you for participating in college applications days!!  We hope you found it helpful to complete your MSAC application with a MSAC representative.  Here are a few follow up reminders:


1. The account your created with CCCApply is good for any community college in California; information you put in the MSAC application will populate in any other community college application you complete

2. MSAC will return to host workshops on claiming your account and the Connect Four process; participating earns you an early registration date which is AWESOME!!!

3. Be sure you saved you username and password in a safe place and watch your email closely for next steps!

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