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DE Course offerings (Fall 2021)

Wilson High School Courses

ADJU 1- Administration of Justice

  • Credit Units: 3
  • UC/CSU/MTSAC Transferable

History and philosophy of the justice system, subsystems, roles, relationships and theories of crime causation and correction.


SOC 20  Introduction to Race and Ethnicity

  • Credit Units: 1
  • CSU/MTSAC Transferable

Ethnic and racial groups in the U.S. and social factors leading to prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes. Four major ethnic groups (Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and Latinos) examined with emphasis placed on historical experiences, contemporary circumstances and future trends. An honors course designed to provide an enriched experience.

Other HLPUSD DE Courses

*These courses will be prioritized to LAHS and LPHS students.  Wilson students who enroll will be waitlisted to give those students priority.

SOC 1- Introduction to Sociology *

  • Credit Units: 3
  • UC/CSU/MTSAC Transferable

Systematic study of human relations and social structures emphasizing the interaction between personality, culture and society. Special consideration is given to an understanding of group behavior, personality formation, social organization, and social change.

STDY 100- University-level Practices for Academic Success*

  • Credit Units: 3
  • CSU/MTSAC Transferable

Advanced transfer-level college success course emphasizing research-based effective practices for academic success, including self-knowledge and self-regulation, learning theories, preparation for transfer, academic study strategies, health and wellness, and critical thinking.


Dual Enrollment (Fall 2021)

Dual Enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take college level courses at their high school campus for free! Some of the benefits of participating in the Dual Enrollment program include:

  • Accumulate college credits for free
  • Free textbook rentals
  • Free access to Mt. SAC resources and services
  • Explore different careers, majors and interests
  • Get exposed to college expectations
  • Strengthen your transcripts and academic performance
  • Graduate college on time or even early! 
DE Schedule
Dual Enrollment Schedule
Model Course Set Up CRN Instructor Start End Days Time
Non-AB288 (Open to Wilson and Mt SAC ) ADJU 1:  The Administration of Justice              
Non-AB288 (Open to Wilson and Mt SAC ) SOC 20:  Introduction to Race and Ethnicity              


Registration window for DE Closes APRIL 30