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Credit Recovery


There is a distinct difference between credit recovery and grade improvement, but they are related because both can be accomplished by similar means. CREDIT RECOVERY is the process of retaking a class in which an "F" grade was assigned and no credit was earned for the term (semester). On the other hand, GRADE IMPROVEMENT is the process in which a student earns a "D" as a final grade but wants to improve the grade by retaking the same class; additional credit is NOT earned.  Please note which of the following options can be used for grade improvement and which are for credit recovery only.

Regarding Honors and AP: Deficient grades earned in an A-G approved Honors or AP class can NOT be replaced by a college prep course.  In order to improve a grade in an Honors or AP class, the same class must be taken.  Please note that Honors and AP class are NOT offered over summer.  

HLPUSD Summer School

Generally, summer school begins the week after the spring semester ends and lasts for six weeks.  This takes place on the Wilson campus, though students may choose to attend any school in the district.  Students can take up to 10 credits for summer school, this can be one year long class or two semester classes.  Priority for summer school is credit recovery but grade improvement can also be done.  See the Summer section of our website for more details in March.

MSAC High School Referral Program

The Mt. San Antonio High School Referral Program can be used for credit recovery or grade improvement.  This program takes place ONLINE.  It is open to grades 10 - 12.  You must complete an online referral AND request for your counselor to submit a referral.  See this website for more details: MSAC High School Referral Info.


HLP Adult School

Adult School classes are available to students during senior year only.  Classes are held at the Hudson Adult School campus.  

  • Students may only be referred for failed courses or deficiency in credits.
  • Students must see their High School Counselor and then an Adult School Counselor prior to beginning any course.
  • A completion deadline will be assigned upon enrollment (10 weeks).
  • A minimum of 60 hours of attendance and full work completion is required for each 5 credit course.

APEX Online Courses

A limited number on spaces are available for students to complete credit recovery or grade improvement online through the APEX program.  Priority will always begin with seniors in need of graduation requirements and courses are limited to core requirements.  APEX courses will require online orientation and weekly attendance in the classroom for proctored testing.  Students will have 6-8 weeks to complete the course.

Other Online OptionsOpportunities for taking a course online will vary from year to year.  One resource students have is paid online classes.  There is no program that the HLPUSD endorses, however National University Virtual High School offers approved A-G courses for grade improvement that may not be offered at MSAC, such as AP courses or higher level math.  Fees will apply.  Courses taken independently online will NOT be placed on a student's high school transcript without approval from counselor/administration PRIOR to beginning the class.