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Department Directory

  Willie Allen (626) 934-4432 Athletic Director
  Jason Eusebi (626) 934-4556 Math Department Chair
  Kenneth Kakimoto (626) 934-4497 Math
  Mijin Kim (626) 934-4502 Math
  Tamara Lin (626) 934-4557 Math
  Elaine Pacheco (626) 934-4535 Math
  John Sandoval (626) 934-4506 Math/PE
  Eilene Shin (626) 934-4501 Korean
  Kyle Smit (626) 934-4558 Math
  Shirley Young (626) 934-4554 Math/AVID
  Yan Zheng (626) 934-4553 Math

Welcome to the Math Department

Our mission is to prepare the students of Wilson High School to be college and career ready by providing meaningful and rigorous mathematical experiences, empowering their ability to be successful in future endeavors. 

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Summer Packets

For students taking AP Calculus AB in 2023-2024:  

  • Download here: 2023 AP Calculus Summer Packet.pdf (PDF)
  • The summer packet is HIGHLY recommended for students that are planning to take Calculus AB next year, and we will have some time to review these topics at the beginning of the 1st semester.  The more familiar you are with these topics, the better prepared you will be next. 
  • You can add yourself to the Summer Remind class using the code @ahbg2h2.  

For students taking Integrated Math 3H in 2023-2024

  • Download here: Math 3H Summer Practice Problems.pdf (PDF)
  • These problem sets are highly recommended practice to prepare for Math 3H next year. The more familiar you are with these types of problems, the more prepared you will be for class.

Course Pathways

In general:

  • The entire series of Math 1 – Math 3 (or Math 1 Honors - Math 3 Honors) must be taken in order. Each class is a prerequisite of the next one and builds sequentially.

  • Courses cannot be skipped regardless of tutoring over the summer or additional work outside of the school. Tutoring or other additional studies, although valuable, cannot be recorded on an official transcript. Colleges and universities must see each of the courses and content areas on the student transcript.

  • Summer school may not be used for acceleration under any circumstance. (For example, a student in
    Math 1 wants to take Math 2 during the summer so they can take Math 3 the following school year)

  • AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Statistics may be taken concurrently

Course Descriptions

What are the differences between Honors & non-Honors courses?

What math classes do I need to be college or career ready?

  • BSTEM vs. non-BSTEM pathways
  • What math classes should a student take to get into a "good" college?
  • Should I take AP Calculus or AP Statistics? What are the reasons why I should take it?

For families outside of HLPUSD planning to attend Wilson