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Child Care Resources: How to Find Child Care
Posted 6/3/20

Child Care Resources


California Child Care Resource and Referral Network:  and

To find child care in your area or get additional information, you can call the statewide consumer education hotline at 1-800-KIDS-793 or go the website.  This Resource and Referral Network provides contact with a child care specialist who will work with you to find licensed child care in their area, based on your ZIP code.

The State of California has established a website to help parents and families working in essential sectors during the COVID-19 response to find safe and reliable local child care options. Visit this website to help find child care in your area.  Based on your location, this website will provide a map and contact information for local licensed child care centers in your area, with information on the age range of children served, and space availability. 


Child Care Alliance Los Angeles:

To find child care in your area or get additional information, contact the agency in your ZIP code.  The Resource and Referral agencies in the Network have free, personalized referrals to licensed child care providers.  You can call the agency directly and/or you can access the online child care search.  See the informational flyers below, and/or click on the link: