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Order Transcripts

Order your transcripts online! Class of 2009 - Present Only

HLPUSD uses Parchment Exchange for online transcript service.  This is a great benefit as it is more convenient and, more importantly, FREE! 

Create a user account by clicking the icon above and search for Glen A. Wilson High School as your institution.  Then, you can send official transcripts directly to any school or organization.

You can also request an unofficial self view of your transcript at any time.   

TIP: Transcripts are updated in Parchment approximately two weeks after the end of a semester.


Class of 2008 and Earlier

Transcripts prior to 2009 can be requested and obtained from the district office (proof of identification is required).  The district office is located at 15959 E. Gale Ave., City Of Industry, CA 91745.  Once requested the HLPUSD has a five business day turn around.  To request without coming in, please visit the district website for details and requirements.

How To Calculate GPA

There are many different GPA's that are used for high school awards, college admissions, financial aid, and even scholarships.  On a very basic level, your GPA is made up using the following formula:


A= 4 points, B= 3 points, C= 2 points, D= 1 point and F= 0 points

Add up the number of points you have and divide by the number of classes you counted.  


What about Honors?  Great question! 

Here is a quick reference breaking down the different GPA's that are often used:

Cumulative Unweighted GPA (found on your transcript): Every class listed on your transcript using the basic formula above with NO additional points for Honors or AP classes.  This GPA can never be higher than 4.0.


Cumulative Weighted GPA (found on your transcript): Every class listed on your transcript with an extra point given for every Honors or AP class (when a C or higher is earned, D's don't get an extra point!).  While this GPA can often go above a 4.0, the GPA scale used is still considered to be a 4.0 scale. 


A-G College Admission GPA, often referred to as a "recalculated GPA": This GPA is NOT found on your transcript; however you will be given a CSU Eligibility report in your junior year with this GPA.  CSU and UC campuses use this GPA to evaluate students for college admission.  It includes only the grades earned in A-G classes beginning the summer after freshmen year.  AP classes will always earn an extra point (as long as they are passed with a C or better) but not many honors classes are given an extra point for this GPA.  To see what Wilson offers that is A-G approved as well as which classes earn the extra point, see our official A-G course list.  


REPEATED COURSES: If you earn a grade of D or lower in a class and choose to repeat it for grade improvement, the higher grade earned will be used to calculate your GPA provided the courses are the same.  Example, if you earn a D in Math 3 and then take Math 3 again over summer school and earn an A, the A would be used in your GPA calculation, not the D.  However, if you earned an F in English 2 Honors and then took English 2 over summer school and got a B, BOTH the F and B would be calculated in your GPA since they are not the same course.