Our 2nd annual Quad STEM night will be on November 7th from 5:30 till 7:00 here at Wilson GYM. Please come and support our wonderful STEM program. There will be activities from Engineering, Bio-medical, and Computer Science as well as Science Olympiad, Robotic and CODE teams to showcase what they have been working on.... IB Diploma and Course Candidates: Don't forget to register for IB Exams: 10/21 - 11/1.

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IB Teacher Directory

Contact Ember Arteaga  Ember Arteaga (626) 934-4584 English/English Department Chair/AVID
Contact Josipa Casey  Josipa Casey (626) 934-4551 English
Contact Mark Fessenden  Mark Fessenden (626) 934-4493 Physics/Science Department Chair
Contact Danielle Kenfield  Danielle Kenfield (626) 934-4416 Principal
Contact Jasminda Khan  Jasminda Khan (626) 934-4420 Counselor (M-R)
Contact Mijin Kim  Mijin Kim (626) 934-4502 Math
Contact Robert Rogan  Robert Rogan (626) 934-4550 Social Science/AVID
Contact Eilene Shin  Eilene Shin (626) 934-4501 Korean
Contact Mark Thompson  Mark Thompson (626) 934-4548 Social Science
Contact Jinasha Udeshi  Jinasha Udeshi (626) 934-4528 Biology/IB Advisor
Contact Chris Valentine  Chris Valentine (626) 934-4545 English
Contact Claudia Van Gorden  Claudia Van Gorden (626) 934-4579 Social Science/Psychology
Contact Shirley Young  Shirley Young (626) 934-4554 Math/AVID
Contact Yan Zheng  Yan Zheng (626) 934-4553 Math