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EE Supervisor List

Language A: Literature

Contact Ember Arteaga  Ember Arteaga (626) 934-4584 English/English Department Chair/AVID
Contact Gino Barragan  Gino Barragan (626) 934-4585 English
Contact Josipa Casey  Josipa Casey (626) 934-4551 English/IB TOK
Contact Mike Gomez  Mike Gomez (626) 934-4583 English/Athletics
Contact Lisa Leung  Lisa Leung (626) 934-4559 English
Contact Christina Rouw  Christina Rouw (626) 934-4507 English/IB Coordinator

Experimental Sciences

Contact Judy Chap  Judy Chap (626) 934-4528 Science
Contact Mark Fessenden  Mark Fessenden (626) 934-4493 Physics/Science Department Chair
Contact Jungsoo Han  Jungsoo Han (626) 934-4529 Biology/Biomedical Science/Science Olympiad/Robotics
Contact Sean Kane  Sean Kane (626) 934-4530 Science
Contact Ernesto Leon  Ernesto Leon (626) 934-4524 Chemistry/Biomedical Science
Contact Chris Pham  Chris Pham (626) 934-4516 Biology
Contact Justin Ro  Justin Ro (626) 934-4540 Physics/Engineering


Contact DeJohn Brown  DeJohn Brown (626) 934-4571 Music/VAPA Department Chair/Choir Director/Athletics
Contact Nina Chang  Nina Chang (626) 934-4433 Physical Education (Dance)/VAPA Department Chair
Contact Kiley Craft  Kiley Craft (626) 934-4527 Art/Yearbook/CTE- Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Contact Danielle Kenfield  Danielle Kenfield (626) 934-4416 Principal

Language b

Contact Miguel Hinojosa  Miguel Hinojosa (626) 934-4499 Spanish
Contact Jasminda Khan  Jasminda Khan (626) 934-4420 Counselor (M-R)
Contact Liz Orth  Liz Orth (626) 934-4580 Spanish/Foreign Language Dept Chair
Contact Cristina Rojas  Cristina Rojas Assistant Principal
Contact Eilene Shin  Eilene Shin (626) 934-4501 Korean
Contact Suzanna Wann  Suzanna Wann (626) 934-4560 Mandarin

individuals and societies

Contact Samuel Barone  Samuel Barone (626) 934-4547 Social Science/Soc Science Dept Chair
Contact Robert Oviedo  Robert Oviedo (626) 934-4500 Social Science
Contact Robert M Rogan  Robert M Rogan (626) 934-4550 Social Science
Contact Samuel Sanford  Samuel Sanford Assistant Principal
Contact Mark Thompson  Mark Thompson (626) 934-4548 Social Science
Contact Claudia Van Gorden  Claudia Van Gorden (626) 934-4579 Social Science/Psychology
Contact Donna Zertuche  Donna Zertuche (626) 934-4498 Social Science


Contact Jason Eusebi  Jason Eusebi (626) 934-4556 Math/Math Department Chair
Contact Kenneth Kakimoto  Kenneth Kakimoto (626) 934-4497 Math
Contact Danielle Kenfield  Danielle Kenfield (626) 934-4416 Principal
Contact Shirley Young  Shirley Young (626) 934-4554 Math/AVID
Contact Yan Zheng  Yan Zheng (626) 934-4553 Math

Other (IB Subjects not tested at our school but may be possible for ee)

Contact Courtney Bushyeager  Courtney Bushyeager (626) 934-4496 Math/Computer Science
Contact Leo Chang  Leo Chang (626) 934-4504 Math/Foreign language- Mandarin
Contact Jasminda Khan  Jasminda Khan (626) 934-4420 Counselor (M-R)