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The following items are considered contraband items on the Glen A. Wilson High School campus.
items will be confiscated and held for parent pick up depending on the item.

Items NOT to be brought to school include:

  1. IPODS, MP3 players, headphones, radios, amplifiers, any music device.
  2. All Bandanas, HATS, BEANIES, wave caps, etc.
  3. Skateboards, scooters, Heelys.
  4. Clubs, sticks (any items that can be construed as a weapon)
  5. Pepper spray and laser pointers.
  6. Needles, piercing kits.
  7. Any items that could result in endangering others or creating a disturbance on campus including fireworks, raw eggs, water balloons, water guns, noise making devices.
  8. Pornographic material.
  9. Matches/lighters/cigarettes/tobacco products.
  10. Gang paraphernalia (colors/bandanas/belts/buckles/lanyards).
  11. Chains, studs, spikes.
  12. Drug paraphernalia (pipes, rolling papers, etc.).
  13. Gambling paraphernalia including dice, cards, etc.
  14. Intoxicants - any drug or alcohol including aerosol cleaners.
  15. Pictures/clothing/jewelry promoting drugs, tobacco, in memory of, alcohol, sex, gang or any inappropriate behavior.

Note: Electronic communication devices, such as cell phones, may be carried and used before and after school only.  These devices must be turned off during the school day (including lunch and passing periods).

Discipline procedures will be enforced for all contraband items.   discipline may include parent conference, detention, suspension, and or expulsion.