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Agenda 3



School:           Glen A Wilson High School                                    Date:    January 31, 2024     

SSC #3      Zoom meeting on      January 31, 2024      at     3:30pm.

 Meeting ID: 279 411 1784



Welcome/ Call Meeting to Order



Approval of Agenda and Minutes



4.0          State of the School Address:  SPSA Monitoring Process (CDE CE 06, 11, 12):


3.1 Review current status of 2023-24 SPSA actions and expenditures to monitor the effectiveness

of Title I funded programs and services including the performance levels of

CA Dashboard Indicators and student groups from 2022 to 2023.


3.2 Vote to approve revised Title I and ATSI/CSI actions and expenditures in 2023-24 SPSA (if applicable)




Begin 2024-25 SPSA Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Discuss the progress of student academic achievement, with an emphasis on those students needing additional supports and interventions to meet grade level academic standards. (School level, grade level, and student groups as applicable.)


4.1  Review & analyze verifiable student achievement data:

·      2022-23 ELA/Math CAASPP

·      2022-23 Summative ELPAC

·      2023 CA Dashboard - All indicators and low performing student groups

·      2023-24 S-MAP #1 and #2 Reading and Math

·      2023-24 Attendance Overview

·      2023-24 Suspensions (Student Number of Incidents)


4.2   Identification of student achievement gaps to inform SPSA actions, strategies, and expenditures




Report/Advice from ELAC to SSC (Refer to ELAC Rec. Form from ELAC meeting 3)


    Give/develop DAC report



    School Safety Committee Report (tabled from previous meeting)


    Public Comments  




9.0   Adjournment


Text Box: Quorum requirements: To hold a meeting there must be a quorum. A quorum exists when a majority of the members are present at the meeting. For Elementary, at least 6 members must be present.  
For K-8, MS, and HS, at least 7 members must be present. CE 05: SSC Composition