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2019 - 2020 Scholarship Listing

REMEMBER: Check the financial aid pages for the schools that you are applying to for any scholarships specifically for students applying to that college or university.  These may be FULL RIDE scholarships!


Gino Kwok Scholarship – May 15 

One student from each high school in our District will be awarded $250 who fit one or more criteria in the areas of:  academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, athletic or musical accomplishment, service to the community and/or passion for life and curiosity for knowledge.  Teacher recommendation is optional.  Application


Isaac Leung Loving Fund Scholarship – May 21 - WILSON ONLY!! 

Two seniors from Glen A. Wilson High School will be awarded a scholarship of $300 each.  Applicants must complete an essay with the topic: A Person Whom You Can't Forget.  Please submit all application documents to by May 21.  Application 

Huggable Supermom Scholarship – June 30 

A $1,000 dollar scholarship will be awarded to a high-achieving high school student who is supported by a single mom.  For scholarship details see application here.  Application


Want to keep track of any scholarships you may be eligible for? 

Sign up for an account with,, Going Merry, or  It takes a while to complete the information, but then possible scholarships are sent directly to your inbox - this can also continue through college and include internships too!



Look for another scholarship resource?  Check out the options below from the website GoingMerry; it's a site that is kind of like the common app of scholarships! 

Local Scholarships

Throughout the year, various scholarships will be posted that our local to Wilson HS or HLPUSD.  Most of these scholarships will have a Wilson winner guaranteed!  Be sure to check often and don't forget to check you Class of Google Classroom to be notified when an update is posted!  Here are some names to watch for:

SGV Educational Foundation

HLP Scholarship

National Charity League Scholarship

Rudy Chavarria Scholarship

Gino Kwok Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Chang Scholarship

Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Kiwanis SLP Scholarship

Miss 4th of July Scholarship

Rotary Club Scholarship

Grandma Chu Memorial Scholarship 

Kathryn Millan Scholarship

Isaac Leung Scholarship

and more!!!

Scholarship Search Sites

Looking for as many scholarships as possible?  There are several great sites to use!  A new one in town is which lets you keep all your uploaded essays and letters ready to go!  There is also which has a great search feature and you can save any upcoming scholarships to your portfolio.

Signing up for an account on hooks you up with one of the largest and easiest to use scholarship search engines!  It will ask you a ton of questions in order to be sure you find out about every scholarship that you may be qualified for!

Want to make scholarship applications a snap?  Create an account on!  Here you can transfer your info across multiple scholarships - it even connects with your Common Application!

Want something you don't need to log into or create an account for? Discover has a pretty good scholarship search where you don't have to enter in your information, although you can.  There are also good resources on here about financial aid and understanding loans.